Year 6

The following are our writings. Hope you enjoy reading them

Stop the Junk!

Why are you eating so much junk food? Do you know that junk food contains lots of bad stuff? In fact, junk food contains fat, sugar and salt. All these do not help our body to grow in a healthy way. If we eat too much junk food we become very fat, our teeth will suffer from tooth decay and we will get ill very often. So what do you think? Should you stop the junk?

Chantelle Formosa

Year 6

19th November, 2012

A Christmas party not to be missed!

A wonderful Christmas party will be held just for you. Come and enjoy the Christmas games that will be organised. During the party we will sing a lot of Christmas songs and eat a lot of Christmas food. This party will be organised on the 19th of December at the village square.

Do not miss this Christmas party. It is going to be nice.

Shanaia Ciantar

Year 6

10th December, 2012

Write a letter to the editor of a newspaper suggesting him/her to start including an article about activities that are being organised at your school.


Triq is-Sardinella

Ħal Ballut

‘Star Publication House’

Triq il-Parlament


9th October, 2012

Dear Editor,

My name is Robin Sul Bermudo Maghinay. I am ten years old. I live in Ħal Ballut and I go to Ħal Ballut Primary School.

I am writing this letter to suggest an article about activities that take place at our school. Some activities in our school are Sports Day, Healthy Eating

Day and other various activities. If you include this article in your newspaper it would be more interesting. Children would write more and they will feel proud of themselves.

Thank you for reading this letter. I hope you take up my suggestions.


Robin Sul Bermudo Maghinay

Robin Sul Bermudo Maghinay

Year 6

1st October, 2012

A green light in the garden

One dark night, when I was gazing outside my garden window, I saw a bright green light. I opened my window and there was so much wind coming through the window that my papers flew all around the room. I went to check what was in the garden.

My parents were out so I was all alone. I went outside and suddenly I could see a reallu big UFO. It started to make a buzzing sound. The door opened and a lot of fog came out. A figure came out! It had one eye, two hands and no feet. It was made out of jelly and it had an octopus shape but with the arms joined together. It started speaking in its own language. It started making signs with its hands but obviously I could not understand him.

Then it held my hand and it teleported me on its spaceship. I gave me a tour around the spaceship. It had a button that could change the language of the alien into any other language. I enjoyed myself a lot. It held my hand again and we were teleported back to my garden. It wanted to be my best friend. I accepted and after that it transformed into an eleven year old boy. After that incident we remained best friends forever.

From just a green light in your garden you can turn out to be a best friend of an alien. Life is full of opportunities so take every chance that you get and never give up on adventures.

Samuel Sacco

Year 6

15th January, 2013

Write an e-mail to the mayor of your village complaining about a run-down and abandoned playground

Email address: ħ

Subject: The abandoned playground

To whom it may concern,

My name is Kelsey Azzopardi. I am ten years old. I live in Ħal Fawwar and I go to Ħal Fawwar Primary School. I am sending this email to inform you about an abandoned playground in our village.

Some people have destroyed the playground. The people who should take care of the playground do not come. Therefore, it is not a pleasant scene to look at. The children are in danger of getting hurt because the swings are broken and an accident can happen.

I think that you should repair the playground to keep it in a good condition so that the children can play in it. You can install cameras or alarms and post letters to residents to inform them about the new playground.

Thank you for reading  this email. I hope you take up my suggestions and I hope that you fix the playground.


Kelsey Azzopardi

Kelsey Azzopardi

Year 6

15th October, 2012

Write a dialogue between an alien and a little girl

Sally: Hello! Who are you? Where did you come from? How did you get in?

Bobo: Hi! I am Bobo. I come from Jupiter and I go tin from the window.

Sally: My name is Sally.

Bobo: What a cool name!

Sally: Thanks! So why did you end up in my room?

Bobo: My spaceship crashed in a really big space rock. I ended up in your garden and I saw that you window was open and came in.

Sally: Ooooo! That’s why you ended here!

Bobo: Do you want to be friends with me?

Sally: Yes, I would love to.

Bobo: Ok.

Sally: I have to go to sleep. Do you want to sleep in my room?

Bobo: Sure, but if you haven’t noticded, I am an alien!

Sally: Don’t worry! I will hide you in the wardrobe. Good night.

Bobo: Good night friend!

Gabriella Schembri

Year 6

24th January, 2013

Write an introductory speech for a children’s TV show

Hello! Welcome to our TV show! During today’s show we will talk about animals, sports and art. We will have games and presents to be won. Children will also be talking about their pets. We also have a quiz which is very funny. The quiz is about animals and sports. Stay with us and see you after the break!

Rowenna Dalli

Year 6

11th October, 2012

Invitation for a picnic

We would like to invite you for a fantastic picnic.

This picnic will be held on the 10th of November at Buskett from 9 o’clock in the morning till 6 o’clock in the evening. We will have plenty of food and we will have fun playing games. The prize is 2 euros. You don’t have to bring lunch and water because we will provide food and drinks too. If you are coming c

all us on 63823567 or 84536187.

Do not miss this picnic!

Pavel Xerri

Year 6

5th November, 2012

Fill in with the right word:

  1. We are playing with the ball.
  2. The cats are in the box.
  3. Your dog is in the garden.
  4. She likes to play with the doll.
  5. I like to sing.

Reno Spiteri

Year 6

15th December, 2012

Year 2

Fil-klassi tkellimna fuq il-ħaddiema. Kyle kiteb dwar il-papa` u n-nannu tiegħu…


Il-papa` u n-nannu tiegħi huma mekkaniks tal-karozzi.

Jiena nħobb immur narahom jirranġaw il-karozzi.

                                                                                              ……..Kyle Casha, yr 2

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Health & Safety Day (7th Feb 2013)

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Bird Park Outing

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We like to draw, colour and write…

Kieran’s picture shows his favourite toy. After finishing his picture, he wrote about it too. You surely can say what Kieran likes to play with most! 🙂

………Kieran Magri,  Year 2

Year 2

Tom and his pet

                         Tom has a pet. His pet is a dog. The dog’s name is Spike.

                    Spike likes bones. Tom is happy with his dog. I love dogs too.

                                                                                                       Owen  Fenech

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Link to Qrendi Ekoskola blog

Click here to check out what’s going on in our school with regards to Ekoskola.

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Mawra sal-Imdina

Illum aħna morna mawra sal-Imdina ma’ tal-iskola.  L-Imdina kienet il-belt kapitali ta’ Malta fl-antik.  Hija magħrufa bħala l-belt is-siekta.  L-għalliema ħaditna l-‘Imdina experience’ fejn rajna filmati dwar l-istorja tal-Imdina.  L-Imdina hija mdwara b’ħitan għoljin li nsejħulhom swar.  Wara morna l-Katidral fejn stajna naraw il-ġmiel tiegħu.  Hemmhekk kulħadd ressaq it-talb tiegħu.  Imbagħad imxejna lejn il-mużew tal-katidral.  Aħna rajna r-ritratti ta’ Dun Karm Psaila u l-ilbies tiegħu.  Rajna wkoll xi affarijiet li kien juża dak iż-żmien bħal mandolina li kien iħobb idoqq.  Kien sar il-ħin tal-ikel u kulħadd fjakka.  Għalhekk morna sal-bandli fejn l-ewwel ħadna biċċa ħobż u wara lgħabna ftit.  Jien ħadt pjaċir l-Imdina għax kienet mawra interessanti.