Year 4 (2011-2012)

Imagine that you woke up one morning and found out that you could fly…

by Gabriel (Year 4 student)

Once upon a time I woke up and found out that I could fly.  I was very excited and decided to go out to fly around.

While I was flying I saw a boy who was lost.  I went and asked him, “What happened?”  He said, “I am lost.  Can you help me to find my parents please?”  So I flew up to look for his parents.

After a few minutes I saw the parents looking for their child.  I went back to the child and took him to his parents.  Then I continued flying.

From the sky I could see different parts of Malta.  What a nice view!  I saw many people walking around.  They were very tiny.  They looked like ants.  I also saw many cars in the streets which also looked very small.

While I was flying I met two planes and different types of birds.  Then I got tired and decided to go back home.

After a few moments I heard my mother’s voice.  She was calling me to wake up for school.  I opened my eyes and tried to fly again, but I couldn’t.  So I realised that it was only a beautiful dream.


On my way to school…

Leon Spiteri (Year 4 Student)

I attend Qrendi Primary School and to go to school I leave home at seven o’ clock.

I go to school with my mum. We go to school with my father’s van.

On my way I see my teacher and I also see beautiful flowers.

Sometimes I meet my friend Gabriel, who is one of my classmates.

On our way, my mother always stops to chat with other parents.

Sometimes, before going to school, we also go to buy some food.

Near our school there is the Parish Church and on my way I always stop to say a prayer.

I like school because we always learn interesting facts.

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