Our Vision

Our school shall be a home where our children yearn to be; a place where children find their path for becoming responsible citizens and future leaders.

Our Mission Statement

Our students will be offered all that they are entitled for:

  • Quality education including a broad and experiential curriculum
  • Opportunities for full commitment towards a holistic education
  • Professionally prepared and dedicated staff
  • Provision of necessary resources and services.

Our school will strive to work closely:

  • with the school community
  • with other schools within St. Benedict College
  • with the learning community at large.

Our Motto

“L-Iskola Tiswa!” ~ “School Matters!”

General Aim of the school

Our school seeks to practice Transformative Education by developing the following key areas:

  1. School Ethos / Philosophy
  2. Curriculum and Organisation
  3. Teaching & Learning
  4. School Professional Development
  5. School Climate
  6. Leadership, Management and Administration
  7. Achievement and Learning
  8. Resources for Learning
  9. Links with Parents / Agencies outside school
  10. Assessment and Evaluation

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